S9 - E6

Episode 6: Higher Steaks

In this week’s Quickfire, the chefs create a dish stemming from one of four mother sauces. They will explore the endless possibilities of this classic technique and go back to the basics of haute cuisine. They’ll each select one of the four mother sauces -- Béchamel, Espagnole, Velouté, and Allemande -- to work with. The stakes are high in the Elimination Challenge as the chefs create their best steak dish for the annual Cattle Baron’s Ball. The chefs will be putting out a progressive four-course beef menu for 200-seated guests. They’ll have to work together to plate every last dish before 50 waiters enter to pick-up the plates. It’s high society -- suits with cowboy boots, big hair, and even bigger stakes, because if there is one state who knows a thing or two about how a steak should be cooked, it’s Texas! Guest judge Dean Fearing joins Hugh Acheson, head judge Tom Colicchio, and host Padma Lakshmi.

Aired: 12/07/2011
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