Padma Lakshmi Almost Burned Down her Kitchen With This "Doozy" of a Cooking Fail

Padma Lakshmi Almost Burned Down her Kitchen With This "Doozy" of a Cooking Fail

Even the most competent chefs have their moments, as Padma Lakshmi demonstrates.

By Alesandra Dubin

It's definitely not just cheftestants on Bravo's Top Chef who sometimes miss the mark on executing to perfection — like Adrienne Cheatham or Joe Flamm, who both copped to some pretty serious kitchen fails. Indeed, even host Padma Lakshmi occasionally falls victim to kitchen mistakes with potentially horrible consequences.

"My last kitchen disaster — I haven’t actually had a kitchen disaster for a long time — but I remember the one I did have which was a doozy," Padma told People. "I basically tried to flip something in a frying pan, and there was oil, and that oil splashed on the back of my stove, caught a flame."

Padma continued, "I had a wooden spice rack hanging above the stove with all these spices, and it just went whoosh. And all of a sudden there were all these flames coming up."

Although the fearsome situation posed serious risk of incinerating the whole kitchen, Padma counts herself lucky to have escaped with just a scare and not catastrophic damage. "Thank god nothing happened," she recalled with gratitude.

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