One Of The Magic Folk

One Of The Magic Folk

Find out who dazzled Todd Oldham this week.


This week's adventure was the Metropolitan Home magazine challenge and I loved this one! Our special guest judge this week was the brilliant Linda O'Keefe, one of the coolest people in the industry. The four remaining designers are all major and so was their effort. Each designer drew a card that had one of the four elements on it. The chosen card would act as the design inspiration for a hotel suite design. Amongst the four elements, some are easier to interpret than others and one is just plain tricky, and lovely Goil got the tough one, FIRE.

Fire is about the very last thing one wants in their hotel suite, but there are inspiring aspects of it as a design motif. The judges and I all appreciated Goil's always-unusual take on the fire idea but, sadly, it ultimately got in his way and he was asked to leave. I have had the pleasure of encountering many creative people through the years and I find those that just have that special magical touch stick in my memory longer. Goil is without a doubt one of the magic folk. It was wonderful to have met you, Goil, and even more so to get to see your brain and brawn in action. With his singular skill sets and charm, we will all be seeing lots more from Goil in the future. He will make it prettier and more fun for us all.

Matt dazzled the judges once again with his always-perfect color sense and his elegant take on his design inspiration, WATER. The room was cool and refreshing as a dip in a pool with the stately glamour we have come to know as pure Matt. The suggested privacy of the tall bi-fold screens is a perfect solution to small multiuse spaces. I would love to see Matt take on a doghouse or maybe a fast food restaurant, just so I could see the most elegant version there is of each.

Carisa was pretty dazzling herself this week. She had drawn the AIR card and her take was a modern, high concept delight. I loved that Carisa brought her inspiration a little more down to earth conceptually working with airflow. The black grid was so daunting as she was building it and when it went in to place it was perfect. I am charmed by Carisa's cheeky take on, well, just about everything. She is smart and funny and I think it shows in her work, too.

Andrea is a rare mix in the design field; she seems to be able to pass simultaneously from architect, to designer, to artist with great ease and skill. I loved watching Andrea's calm working methods and I think it is reflected in her finished work. Andrea drew the EARTH card and she had a subdued approach to it, looking for color inspiration in subtle ways. The green grass insets concerned the judges with its slightly impractical care and they are right, but I love when there is an impractical addition to a room. It requires a lot more focus from the housekeeping department, but I'm sure the guests would appreciate the effort. At this point of the game, with this much talent, it is really hard to tell who will have the TOP DESIGN. Three left, stay tuned.

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