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Bye Ker-bear (aka Big Daddy). We Will Miss You!!

Felicia Bushman dishes on window displays.

It's really a shame that the judges don't get to see the designers in the process of their challenge.

Wisit dodged a bullet due to Kerry's kindness and high level of responsibility but ultimately Kerry was the team leader and he should have led his team. But, as we've seen with each challenge, he is just a big old sweet softy, and in this challenge he let Wisit push and pull him into a state of confusion.

Poor Kerry -- he is very talented and I watched him in the process. If he had of stuck to his original minimalist scheme, he would have had a fantastic window display. All of the designers were genuinely sad to see Kerry go; that Southern charm got the best of everyone ... But what FUN they all had working with the Project Runway stars!

The designers were truly excited and inspired when they met their fashion counterparts. I wish we had such a challenge in Season 1. Fashion and Interior Design go hand in hand. We are constantly looking to one another for inspiration -- what a perfect combo for a challenge.

What I really liked most about this episode is that finally, FINALLY, the designers are getting an actual real-life challenge. A real client with real needs. They got to dig into the minds of their clients and figure out how to translate their vision into a reality!

Watching the action behind the scenes, it was clear to see which window was going to come together and which was not.

Even without looking at the window itself, you just have to look at which designers were connecting with each other and most importantly, with their client. I saw Kerry and Wisit struggle with Jeffrey's vision. From Blade Runner to Blades of Glory?? It's a struggle just to put those two movies in the same sentence, but Kerry, as a good designer does, put his personal style aside and actually figured out how he could tastefully give Jeffrey what he needed, while Wisit remained in his fantasy land, which, don't get me wrong, is VERY beautiful! I've seen his portfolio, his drawings and collages and they are breathtakingly, mystically, fantastically beautiful, but in reality he would have been better off doing a display for Sweet P or even Daniel's dress. I think he would have rocked it!

But in the end the three of them together were a recipe for disaster! Nathan's only downfall was getting too caught up on trying to tell a story. He took Andrae's vision literally and tried everything but writing the damn story up on the wall! (Actually, that would have been a great idea!) I was surprised he didn't see the beauty in the "darkness" of the dress, and even with Andrae's input, he couldn't get a grasp. He just started down the wrong path and kept on going.

Shazia, once again, lazily followed along and the judges said it best -- we haven't yet seen even a peep of her voice. I mean, seriously, even when they asked her who should go home she said she couldn't choose!

Preston and Andrea clearly connected with Daniel's vision and quickly set off on their merry way. Daniel was great and gave them a very precise vision, down to every last detail. They did exactly what we need to do as designers -- help our clients realize their own vision. Even though their display looked so beautifully simple, it really was very involved. In person, you could see the subtle changes in texture, color, and finish. It was spectacular, sophisticated, and perfectly-suited to his gorgeous gown.

Ondine and Natalie immediately connected with Sweet P. She too gave them a clear and comprehensive vision. I could see Ondine's work process throughout. She definitely had a leg up with her years of experience in set design. And I love the "girl power" energy that was created between the three of them, especially with one of the designers coming from the set of Sex And The City!

Eddie was originally excited to have Santino as his client but in the end their design sense was no perfect match. Regardless, he managed to push himself out of his comfort zone just enough to almost relate! He is good at thinking on his feet and was able to tweak it even further to appease his client. Good job. Teresa was a great assistant in the process and contrary to what Eddie said, I watched her work hard and diligently. He just gets a bit frantic while barking orders, so what is an assistant to do? So it's good-bye to Ker-Bear. My heart goes out to you. It was really the luck of the draw on this one, but you did a great job all along and you can go out in all your Blades of Glory!!

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