9 Indisputable Facts About Every Single Person Who Has a Chow Chow

9 Indisputable Facts About Every Single Person Who Has a Chow Chow

You’re kinda complex, aren’t you, Chow Chow owner?

By Kristyn Pomranz

There are some facts that apply to every single Chow Chow: They’re big, and they’re fluffy, and they look like teddy bears, and if they mix and mingle with children and other animals during puppyhood, they can become extremely social pups. Beyond that, they have a somewhat variable temperament, responding directly to their training and environment.

Their humans, however, can be pinned down, no problem. As with all other breed owners, there are nine indisputable facts that apply to every single person who has a Chow Chow (and, no, there are zero exceptions).

You own an arm chair.

Maybe you inherited it, or got it at a Goodwill, or bought it from a fancy furniture store as one of your first major adult purchases. Regardless, it’s hands-down your favorite spot to chill.

You don’t like responding to Evites.

Look, all your good friends know you’ll be at their parties, so there’s no need to really reply. And your not-so-good friends … well … you’re just not quite ready to commit to an answer yet.

You have definitely owned one of those Best Friends Forever necklaces.

You’re not just best friends — you are best friends forever, and you’re gonna make sure the world knows it by wearing your status proudly. (And in gold.)

…and you get a little miffed when your Best Friend has other best friends.

Does that necklace mean nothing to her?!

You’re always suspicious of good news.

Hmm … you’re getting a promotion … but why? Where’s the trade-off? Is this going to mean more work for you? Is this some kind of test to see if you think you deserve a promotion? What’s really going on here?

You’ll hold hands in public … maybe.

You’re not really into PDA. You find it a little bit gauche and unnecessary. But if your significant other wants to hold hands, you’ll concede. Sometimes.

Honestly, you’re really, really happy for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

You appreciate how Harry has always been something of a loose cannon, and you love that Meghan Markle is bringing a whole new dynamic to the family.

You have never gotten a ticket in your entire life.

Nope, not even a parking ticket. You’re a law-abiding angel!

You may be low-key, but you’re also the funniest one in the room.

You may not be loud or the class clown — but you are extremely clever. You have a knack for tossing off wry and witty commentary that elicits real laughs from everyone around you.

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