Literally No One Can Resist Prince Harry … Not Even a Pony

Literally No One Can Resist Prince Harry … Not Even a Pony

Such a sassy Shetland pony!

By Brienne Walsh

Prince Harry can do no wrong. He’s handsome, kind, and smiles a lot. He recently got engaged to the fantastic Meghan Markle. We don’t mean to draw comparisons, but he still has a full head of hair.

Everyone loves him. Everyone except a Shetland pony named Cruachan IV. Today, Cruachan IV tried to take a bite out of Prince Harry’s hand.

Cruachan IV is the mascot of the Royal Regiment of Scotland. He was introduced to Harry during an official parade held in honor of the Prince, who is in Scotland on an official joint visit with his fiancé.

Prince Harry, confident that he would be received well (because DUH), held out his hand. Rather than putting forth his nose to be stroked, Cruachan lightly nipped at the Prince. Bad Cruachan!! A less confident royal in the pre-animal rights era might have had the animal “removed.” But Prince Harry, good fellow that he is, merely laughed. 

The good news is that the event was 100% adorable, and 0% scary. Barring further run-ins, Prince Harry will arrive at his wedding on May 19 with all ten digits intact.

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