Move over, Santa! Nativity Scene Cat Has Taken Your Place as Best Holiday Icon

Move over, Santa! Nativity Scene Cat Has Taken Your Place as Best Holiday Icon

Bah humcat? (Nope, that does not work.)

By Stacy Lenz

The holidays can be a rough time for some people; the year’s typical stresses, both financial and personal, seem to come to a boiling point while we are faced with increasing amounts of artificial holiday cheer everywhere we go. We have the antidote to these bah-humbug moments; something that could make your Grinchy heart grow three sizes. It’s this cat.

Credit: Brooke Goldman

While rushing to get home and go back to sleep, New York City resident and photographer Brooke Goldman was completely caught off guard by the sight of a grumpy cat — although not THEE grumpy cat — wedged into a small manger of a nativity scene. The feline Grinch was scowling at passersby while commandeering the traditional Christmas scene, inadvertently spreading holiday cheer and reinforcing the one universal truth, cats love small spaces.

As she told The Dodo, Brooke stated the unexpected cat placement caused her to “laugh (her) ass off.”  She continued, "I guess you can definitely say he brought me joy while I was walking home. It was mood-lifting, most definitely. Laughing that hard that early in the morning makes the rest of the day much more positive.” With that amount of joy that Nativity Scene cat has brought into Brooke’s and our day, we think he revivals Santa as the icon of the true Christmas spirit — plus greedy Santa demands an offering of cookies and milk, we are pretty sure this cat will just take the milk!

Even more ridiculous, this is not the first time a cat got a little too cozy next to a nativity scene. Check out some other times when kitties were caught red-pawed in the manger.

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