Vanderpump Rules After Show

Vanderpump Rules After Show

The SURvers are not holding back! Watch as they break down each episode of Vanderpump Rules every Monday at 10/9c.

Jax & Scheana Love Botox

Vanderpump Rules S4/E1. We learn Jax will Botox anything and Scheana finds herself incapable of smiling on WWHL.

Tom and Tom Share a Kiss

Vanderpump Rules S4/E2. Hosts Julie and Brandy convince Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz to kiss, but only after the Toms convince Julie and Brandy to kiss too!

Was Jenna James' First Affair?

Vanderpump Rules S4/E2. Pump regulars Julie Goldman and Brandy Goldman have spotted many a lady lingering around James Kennedy's DJ booth.

Lala and James Unplugged

Vanderpump Rules S4/E6. James, Lala, and Julie Goldman perform an acoustic version of James and Lala's song.

Lisa Confronts the Toms

Vanderpump Rules S4/E7. Lisa Vanderpump confronts Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz about their failed business plan.

A Three Way Kiss

Vanderpump Rules S4/E8. Ariana, Lala, and Scheana fondly remember the sleepover and try to determine who the best kisser is...

Jax Has a Big Mouth

Vanderpump Rules S4/E10. Lisa Vanderpump says that Jax Taylor has a big mouth and that's why he didn't know about Tom’s proposal plans.

Jax's Lies

Vanderpump Rules S4/E19. Brittany weighs in on Jax Taylor's lies.