Ariana Madix's New $2M Home Is Missing Something Major... and She's "Slightly Forlorn"

Ariana Madix's New $2M Home Is Missing Something Major... and She's "Slightly Forlorn"

The Vandepump Rules bartender is just like the rest of us when it comes to furniture shopping.

By Courtney Thompson

When you move into a new home, there’s a whole lot of excitement — that new home smell! New neighbors! New restaurants to UberEats from! But when the boxes are emptied and your stuff is all unpacked, you’re forced to face the fact that… rooms are empty. Barren, even. And remedying this problem not only takes money, but design insight and execution as well!

Such is the situation Vanderpump Rules' Ariana Madix currently finds herself in in the new $2 million home she purchased with her boyfriend, Tom Sandoval. “I havent posted in a minute, so here’s a selfie of me looking slightly forlorn in front of an air mattress. who here knows the struggle of trying to furnish an empty house? to clarify: I’m not actually forlorn, it’s just my face #RBFprobs.” (Folks, that’s code for #RestingBitchFace in case ya didn’t know!)

And we get it! You want to fill your home with an aesthetic that is seamless from room to room, something that makes you happy and relaxed and looks beautiful. But it ain’t easy! Whether you’re working with an interior designer or you’re relying on your own taste, saving up for décor is no joke.

And once you’ve got a budget in place, then you’ve got to actually roll out your ideas, which also takes time, effort, and a whole lot of research. Point being: Don't sweat it, Ariana, your rooms will be full of furniture and rugs and tables and lighting soon enough (but it might take some time!). Until then, just enjoy that new home smell and noshing on UberEats nightly. 

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