Can You Ever Turn a F--kboy into a Boyfriend? We Asked a Matchmaker for Advice

Can You Ever Turn a F--kboy into a Boyfriend? We Asked a Matchmaker for Advice

Hey, you could go from "just a hookup" to the "love of your life" like Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark.

By Marianne Garvey
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Is Adam Spott a F***Boy?!

Stassi Schroeder is in a serious relationship with Beau Clark (with an end-of-season teaser that he's planning to pop the question soon!), but the two didn't start out with marriage in mind.

The  Vanderpump Rules author recently told W she originally considered her special guy of two years a hookup that wasn't really going anywhere real. Little did she know. Now she loves Beau! Everyone loves Beau!

"I like to joke with him like, ‘You were a f--kboy.’ And he’s like, ‘So were you.’” Stassi said. “I was into [the relationship] more [at first], I think. We never had the conversation of, ‘We’re serious now.’ We just felt it. We had five or six months to hang out a lot and form a friendship. It was different than the way I’ve done any other relationship. Before, I was like, ‘first date, now we’re together forever.’ This was different."

So what happened to change everything? Because her pal Scheana Shay is in a little bit of a pickle right now herself. After she started hooking up with SUR barback Adam Spott, she kept saying she wanted to remain best friends. That was fine because Adam didn't want a relationship, either. Then Scheana invited Ethan over for dinner, and basically admitted she slept with him. (The Brussel sprouts did look good.) Anyway, now Scheana's upset, Adam's upset, and there's been no word since on the guy who cooked the meal.

Personal Space spoke to relationship expert (and Vanderpump Rules fan) Rori Sassoon, owner of high-end matchmaking company Platinum Poire, to see if it's possible to turn someone you said you just wanted to have sex with into a serious partner.

"Scheana's gotten hurt so many times she's trying to say she doesn’t give a s--t but she’s secretly hoping it turns into a boyfriend," Sassoon said, adding it's really just random. "Like anything else, it depends on the guy's value system. On one hand, if he feels like the girl he would want to be with wouldn’t have a f--k buddy, then there's no shot. If he doesn’t have respect from day one he’s never going to. Or maybe he’s the kind of guy who really is all about the sex."

She said when it can turn into a relationship is when you find you have more in common than just sex, like Stassi and Beau. "When a relationship is solely based on sex it's going to crash and burn," Sassoon said. "Say Adam did what Scheana did, I would be so turned off. To end up really going through with it, come on. But she can fix this if he’s willing to look past it and forgive her. Either way, a relationship shouldn’t start off like that."

"Maybe Adam didn’t realize he cared about her as much as he does, which is also something that can happen. But if someone is trying to make me jealous, I’m turned off," she continued.

As for their "best friend" status, Sassoon said that's BS. "Scheana set the tone on that one," she explained. "They should have defined whatever they were doing — call it a f--k buddy if you want to, read The Art of the Date, I talk about exactly that. Your best friend wouldn't screw you over like she did."

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