Katie: It Wasn't Scheana's Battle

Katie: It Wasn't Scheana's Battle

Katie explains why she went head to head with Scheana and dishes on the #RHOBH.

I know Lisa is very particular when she come into SUR and wants to know that her and her guest will get the best service possible. I of course am flattered she selected me as part of the team to work the dinner party. It’s always a good sign when your boss thinks you do your job better than others.


Peter and I never "dated." I was still new at SUR and was getting to know Peter and I had a big crush on him. We flirted and then hung out a couple times. Before we could get to the dating part he shut it down. I didn't know it was because of Stassi. By the time I figured it all out, Stassi and Peter weren't seeing each other anymore and Stassi and I were friends. It was so funny for Stassi and I to talk about the few weeks of overlap with Peter. We give him a hard time often for laughs.

Jax has a way of stirring the pot, and then back peddling. It’s confusing because it makes you wonder if the information he brought up is in fact false, or if the information actually is true and now he doesn't want to take responsibility for it. This was a case of it being true that he said something and Jax not wanting to assume responsibility. It was so frustrating because he made Stassi and I not only look bad, but made us feel like we were insane because we knew what he told us and the fact that he was saying that he never said anything was extremely frustrating. The story that Jax told Stassi and I could have been fabricated, but he did say it never the less. I was pretty certain that there was some truth in these rumors, just didn't know to what degree.

Invading someone’s privacy is never a good idea. After all, you should be with someone you trust and it’s very counterproductive to snoop. I have been there, I have let my imagination run rampant until I was so curious I had to snoop through the phone. I now know better. Kristen on the other hand makes it a daily habit almost. Checking the records, going through the phone, tracking the phone. She felt that Tom was lying and the only way to get the confirmation was to snoop. Tom had been telling her that he never talks to Ariana. If Tom had told her that he had spoken to her on the phone, I am sure Kristen wouldn't have been happy, but lying about it is what makes it bad.

I have always been the friend that didn't want to tell their friends to break up or not break up with the boyfriend. I would give objective advice maybe or help them understand something. Until now. Kristen had been arguing that throwing away a five year relationship wasn't her interest. The problem with that is, I don't know about the first two years, but for the three years I knew, it was very, very unhealthy. She kept digging a searching for things and when I asked her what she planned to do with the information she didn't have an answer. Kristen knew in her heart she needed to leave the relationship. I don't know what the point of snooping and confronting Tom would be if Kristen wasn't going to end the relationship. It was becoming a vicious cycle.

I was beginning to believe that Kristen was never going to leave Tom and that maybe she enjoyed the torment she experienced. I had a hard time relating and understanding her because I know I would never put myself in her position. I was growing very frustrated with her inability to make a change. It had been years of ups and downs and infidelities. I just wanted Kristen to finally be happy.

I have been doing tarot cards for a couple years now, just for fun really. I am not a pro and still learning about the cards and the techniques of reading them. I also tell whoever I am reading that I am not a fortune teller, and that this isn't a definite prediction of the future. I think readings are really great because they can really make a person aware of the surroundings, and what that means for what they are presently feeling and experiencing as well as where they could arrive based on the reading. I can't say I was shocked that Kristen’s reading was very spot on. I was hopeful that some more promising and light hearted cards would come up. There was a lot of sadness and repair in her reading. I was hoping Kristen would take it in stride and consider what came up, but not get herself upset.
I couldn't believe the behavior I witnessed at Lisa’s dinner party. I would maybe expect that from one of mine, but certainly not from a group of classy adults. It was hard to understand what they were arguing about as I don't know them, but the language and name calling said enough. I was just waiting for someone to throw a drink! I felt for Lisa because after all, SUR is her establishment and the ugliness of what was happening had reached a new high.


It’s never easy waiting on a table when there is an argument or high tension. My advice would be to stay away, but keep an eye. If it gets physical you may need to remove some people but for the most part just stay out of it.
I knew the moment Kristen found out that Tom and Ariana were bartending together she would lose her mind. That’s why we didn't want to tell her. Of course, as expected, she found out and wanted to storm in on it. I don't know why Kristen thinks confronting someone at work especially in front of Lisa is a good choice.

I understand Arianna was just trying to dissolve the rumors when she approached Kristen outside. It was driving Kristen crazy though and maybe Arianna could have been a little more sensitive to her feelings. It’s a really tough call to make. I wasn't going to get involved between Kristen and Arianna, but Scheana dove right in. It wasn't her battle, which only made it worse. She was being extremely rude that night. She was throwing around the "f--- yous" and accusing me of having a drinking problem. I just didn't know why she felt she needed to get involved.


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