Katie on Giving Kristen Tough Love

Katie on Giving Kristen Tough Love

Katie reveals why she told Kristen to walk away and dishes on Tom trashing her relationship with Schwartz.

My compassion for Kristen and Tom was wearing thin going into this weekend. I have been a support system for Kristen, and Tom at times, for years. I knew them at their best and worst. I always wanted to see them overcome their issues and be the solid couple I knew they could be.

However, I began to see patterns in their relationship. I felt they had gotten to a point where it wasn't as simple as having a conversation. There needed to be action. The fights became more consistent without any resolution. It became very difficult to be around, as I didn't have much patience left.

We made that trip to support Tom and his band, and the fighting was very counterproductive. It involved all of us, and rather than enjoy a weekend together, it became a mediation. I was becoming aware that this was no longer healthy and I didn't want to see Kristen continue to be unhappy. We all have our trials and tribulations in our relationships and no one is perfect, but the time comes when enough is enough.

I have seen Tom and Kristen through it all. I had encouraged and supported Kristen for years. Holding her through hard times and always reassuring her. I felt like I was only encouraging the patterns to continue. My heart really ached for her as my best friend. She was really trying to be strong and save her relationship that has been her world for so many years. I really can't blame her. I saw my best friend beginning to self-destruct as a result of so much hurt that had accumulated that she couldn't cope with.

I needed to give her tough love and tell her to break up with Tom as a last effort. I never tell my friends that they should stay in or end their relationship, but that is how I felt. I felt that I wasn't being a good friend by not sharing that with her. My intentions were for her and her emotional well-being.

When Tom came into our room late that night, it was exactly what I was worried about. Their unresolved fight was carrying into the weekend. Kristen was very upset and Stassi and I were trying to console her. Tom coming in was only making the matters worse. I intercepted because if I hadn't, it probably would've turned into a full blown fight. I didn't think Tom was being totally out-of-line until he brought my relationship into it. My thoughts were like, "No s--- Tom and I fight. I never said we didn't, but right now it’s not about that. Please don't project your anger and trash my relationship."

I thought Stassi reacted appropriately to Jax’s tattoo. I remember her saying that although she is very flattered by the gesture, it comes with a responsibility that she didn't want to assume. Her feelings towards Jax were not certain and she didn't need the added pressure. She, in a lot of ways, felt he did it to hold it over her head.  And if one the is for sure, Stassi does not like to be manipulated. I think it made her feel bad for being so stern with him just after he got the tattoo, but then again, the fact still remains, she doesn't trust him.


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