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Stassi: Jax Is Just a Moron

Stassi dishes on Jax's narcissism, why she exploded on Katie at her birthday dinner, and Kristen's ultimatum.

By Stassi Schroeder


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After watching my birthday dinner in Cabo, my heart goes out to Katie. When we were at the dinner table, I couldn't hear the things that Tom was saying to her. All I could see was that Katie was raising her voice and getting worked up. At that point, it was the second night in a row of fighting and I felt discouraged. I lost my appetite for partying, so to say.

I felt that I had remained calm and positive the first night after all the fighting went down. I wanted one night of us all coming together and getting along, and so when Katie stormed off and left, I kind of exploded and took it all out on her, which wasn't fair to her.


Whoever knows what Jax’s intentions are, but I was annoyed that he was interrupting girl time at the pool. The four of us girls were finally getting along and having a great time. We when were talking, I just wanted him to admit that he did tell me that Tom had hooked up with Ariana before, because he had been telling everyone that I was lying. Whether the rumors are true or not, I just wanted him to admit that he did in fact tell me that, so that people would stop thinking I was stirring the pot.

Kristen had been doing everything to discover the truth. As a friend, that's my duty to tell her. The next morning, it was just the same argument over and over and over. Jax, of course, started lying and retracting his statements again. My issue with that whole thing was that Kristen and Tom should be confronting each other, and the rest of us should be left out of it.

Oh my goodness! I was cringing when Kristen gave Lisa the ultimatum. My whole body was shuddering. I felt so uncomfortable witnessing that phone call.


When I heard Ariana say that Tom would be hers if she wanted I thought, "Girl has definitely got some confidence!"
I love a fun pirate ship and I love my tequila, so how great was that? Jax is just a moron who tries to get attention in any possible situation -- like when he brought the group of girls to my private party. I felt bad for the girls!


As far as Jax bringing girls on the boat: Complete insanity. And he is delusional. For him to have a theory like that is complete narcissism.

I hope for the best with Scheana. It was so nice to be getting along with her again. I enjoyed her company a lot. You never know with us though! Scheana was completely right about Jax when she said he was scum. She has always had that opinion of him, and has always told me how she felt about him. I was just happy to hear that I am not the only one who has that opinion.

Kristen had already spent months and months, and even years upon years crying to me and Katie on a regular basis about Tom. Kristen made her relationship a part of our lives. Anytime she needed us, we would drive over immediately, cry with her, sit with her, talk with her. It was constant and it was all the time. It got the point where we felt affected by it. We can’t spend every day focusing on that relationship, it was exhausting.

I never said Kristen had to break up with Tom. I said to either stay in the relationship and move past everything, or break up. If she was going to stay with Tom, then there was to be no more constant crying and craziness. We needed to find peace. So when she finally made the decision to break up with him, it felt like she was getting to a good place. For us to find her in bed the next morning with him, it was just disheartening and made me feel like this was never going to end.


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