11 #PumpRules GIFs That Prove the Struggle Is Real

11 #PumpRules GIFs That Prove the Struggle Is Real

Bask in the booze-soaked GIF greatness that was Ep 3.

We begin this episode with Stassi reflecting on one of life's greatest struggles. Is there anything worse than this. . .


The lady is right. Moving is a real, real pain in the rear.

Also a pain in the rear, getting suspended from work. But it looks like Tom Sandoval is taking it in stride.


Meanwhile Tom Schwartz has not fully grasped the art of working out.


Well some people just maintain a more natural figure. Example -- Giggy.


But why workout when you can focus on the more important things in life?


It's important to not lose your head in open bar situations though. Don't go crazy and retweet anything mean about your former coworkers and friends. . .


Whoops. Looks like Scheana was a little to lose with her finger on that iPhone.

In other confrontations, Kristina Kelly just wanted Jax to accept what a role he played in the semi-destroyal of Stassi's life.


How did all of this make Tom Schwartz feel?


But maybe we can all let bygones be bygones.


And the first step in friendship is quality bonding time.


Just make sure the right people are invited -- like maybe not your ex-girlfriend who desperately wants to separate you from your one true love (your DVR). 


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