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Katie: Tom and I's Future Feels Far Away

Katie discusses Tom Schwartz's panic attack and wonders why she would have called Jax about his nose job.

By Katie Maloney

Before I talk about this week's episode I want to talk about last week. I must say It was really nice that for the first time I could walk into that staff meeting with out a worry. I was not involved in the fight at Scheana's party so I knew I had that going for me at least. I found Lisa's punishments to be warranted. I was shocked that she actually fired James, but then again he hadn't been at SUR quite long enough to prove he was any kind of asset. I had a feeling that James would try and get his job back. He groveled, wrote a letter, and did what it took. This just means that drama will be eminent.

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I love PUMP! I think its beyond gorgeous! I do have concerns about it being so close to SUR and could potentially take business away from us. SUR is established and has a loyal clientele so I am not going to lose too much sleep. I love seeing Tom in that pink shirt too! I think he fits in nicely and can make a mean drink!

Stassi and Scheana hadn't seen each other in months and had some animosity that eventually needed to be cleared up. At the end of last summer and after everything that happened, we all needed a break. Stassi met her new boyfriend and got swept away. I know Scheana got offended that she would try to reach out to Stassi and her texts and phone calls when unanswered. I tried explain to Scheana not take it personally and that Stassi was even often MIA to me. I guess she did anyway. Scheana did go on to befriend Kristen again, as well as grow close to Jax. Stassi was turned off by that and thus begun the bad blood. I knew that there was minimal chance that they could reconcile.

If I'm going to be completely honest, watching Kristen in Tom's apartment struck a few chords. On one hand I can feel for her, I couldn't imagine walking into an apartment I shared with a boyfriend and see his new girlfriend sitting there and not get emotional. But then I am reminded that Kristen has recently been going out of her way to ruin Tom's happiness and credibility. Tom has a history of being unfaithful, there is no denying that. It is frankly not any of Kristen's business though and -- she should stay out of it. So my sympathy is lost on this one. Plenty of time has passed since Kristen and Tom broke up. Ample time for them both to move on. Although Kristen has been dating James for several months now, I sense she really hasn't let go of her feelings for Tom. I am aware that breaking up is hard to do and sometimes feelings linger but you have to not let yourself be hurt and turn vindictive as a result. I wish Kristen would let go of it all and be happy. She is only making it harder on herself. I think if she could embrace the changes in her life and fully move on she will fine true happiness.

I must say I thought whenever Tom went to meet up with his friends they were doing dude stuff, like working out and drinking beer. Getting your eye brows threaded while sipping champagne isn't what I expected. I did get a good laugh because I have had my eyebrows threaded and that sh-- is so painful.

On to a more serious and frustrating note: Tom quitting PUMP. It's true, I had never heard him as frantic and upset as he was on the phone. I knew he genuinely panicked. However, I didn't like his attitude about giving it up completely. I have worked in restaurants half of my life and while they are high stress at times, it's not like we are brain surgeons. I know that Tom makes great money modeling, but I thought him working at PUMP was going to offer more stability. It's not comforting to know how he handles these stressful situations when I am investing so much into our relationship. Now, I am worried that our future together is even further away.


Obviously Jax's nose job was no secret. It was also no emergency. His life wasn't in danger. I hadn't hung out with Jax or talked to him in months. He had nothing nice to say about me and went out of his way on social media to bad mouth me all because I choose not to hang out with me. After everything was out there last summer, I too wasn't eager to be friends with anyone who was capable of such destruction. For everyone to sit around Jax's apartment talking about my relationship as if they are around us 24/7 was annoying. Tom and I do spend a lot of time apart, because we both have lives and don't control one another. We also go to bed together every night, go on dates, and laugh constantly. The only people who could've actually made an informed opinion about the subject were Tom or Ariana because we actually hang out with them the most and did you notice they both said nothing, while Jax and Scheana went on about it. Ya -- I thought that was funny too.

Oh the OK Magazine party! I was so happy to have Stassi back and we could go out together again -- especially for events like this where I know the company can be less than desirable. I know we had every intention of just keeping to ourselves but of course after a couple drinks. . .that changed. It started out that whoever lost simply had to go sit down for five minutes and that was it. We didn’t consider that it would open some kind of flood gate and that in return we could all have to sit together. Of course it went as well as expected (AKA horrible) and just ruined the otherwise fun evening!

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