Lisa Doesn't Get Those Penis Straws

Lisa Doesn't Get Those Penis Straws

Lisa Vanderpump explains why she didn't have a bachelorette party and what she thinks about those straws.

How does Lisa Vanderpump really feel about what goes in (and outside) of her restaurant SUR? Each week Lisa is telling you how she really feels about the SURvers antics in her video blog. How does she feel about their infighting, hookups, drama, and backstabbing? Watch below to see -- or scroll down to read a full transcription of her thoughts.

Lisa's Vlog: It's Good to See Them Having Fun

Hi I'm Lisa Vanderpump and welcome to my video blog.

This episode truly made me laugh. It's so good for me to actually see them going away and just having fun and just being kids. And that's why this group is so connected in the first place -- the fact that they've been together for years. And there really is a lot of great chemistry between them.

When I was young and in love and just about to get married, I actually didn't really want to have a bachelorette party. The one thing I actually appreciate with Scheana and Shay is the fact that they are going off and that they are doing it together.

[On the boys in bed] Come on Tom I know you love being the meat in that sandwich.

How shameless is Jax getting naked and wiggling his winky? I mean, I think he's only secure in the fact that he knows it's going to be blurred out.

I can see that Kristen really has an intense dislike for Ariana, but I don't think so much about just being Tom's new girlfriend. I also feel it's about Ariana becoming front and center at SUR.

What is the fascination on this trip with those little winky straws? I've never seen anything like that in my life, nor do I want to.

Pandora has a British accent, but when she's around her American friends she tends to lapse into an American accent. She'll say to me, "Don't worry mother I'll take care of it. Where's the burger?

Is Pandora Lisa Vanderpump's Mini-Me

I don't think [changing my diapers] is actually too far away. She probably will be changing them very soon.

Thank you very much, I'm Lisa Vanderpump and this has been my video blog.


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