Lisa: Stassi Likes to Control Everything

Lisa: Stassi Likes to Control Everything

Lisa gives her thoughts on Katie and Stassi's friendship and Peter and Vail's date.

How does Lisa Vanderpump really feel about what goes in (and outside) of her restaurant SUR? Each week Lisa is telling you how she really feels about the SURvers antics in her video blog. How does she feel about their infighting, hookups, drama, and backstabbing? Watch below to see -- or scroll down to read a full transcription of her thoughts.

Lisa's Vlog: I Was Proud

Hi, I'm Lisa Vanderpump. Welcome to my video blog.
This episode truly had me in stitches.
When I was 18, and I left home without a penny to my name, I lived better than that.
That bed--it needs its own course of antibiotics. And what about those condoms? They look like they're from 1967. Isn't magnum the large size condom? Is it just for display purposes?
It's kind of hard to watch. Vail's obviously thinking that she's meeting Peter for a cup of coffee, not a bottle of malbec.

Peter and Vail's Vino-Filled Date

My respect for Vail is just growing right now. She's just sitting there calling Peter out on all his bullsh--. Well done, Vail.
It's strange to me to see Kristen so heavily invested in Tom and Ariana's relationship and what she wants to do to really sabotage it. Isn't she happy with James?
I was actually very proud of Katie to see her standing up for herself against Stassi.

Is This the End of Katie and Stassi?

I see Stassi as kind of gobsmacked for a moment. Stassi likes to control everything, and she's full of it, but then when somebody comes back to her and they really nail her, she doesn't like it and she kind of backs off. But there's some truth there, and I think Stassi would be wise listening.
I want Katie and Stassi to be friends, but I don't want Katie to have to bow down to Stassi. What she's really saying is "I thought I indoctrinated you, and now I'm upset because you've got a mind of your own." That's the truth of the matter.
Well thank you for watching my video blog. I'm Lisa Vanderpump, and I'll see you soon.
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