Stassi Schroeder's 4 Rules For How *Not* to Hit on a Lady

Stassi Schroeder's 4 Rules For How *Not* to Hit on a Lady

Rule #1: Remember girls' names.

By Crystal Puccio
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Stassi's Super Awkward Hot Tub Moment

During this week's Vanderpump Rules, Stassi Schroeder took her girls to Montauk for a birthday weekend. Newly single, Stassi was encouraged to mingle with new friends and jump back into the dating pool. At the start of the evening everything was going great, Stassi met Kyle Cooke and they seemed to hit it off, but as the night progressed things took an awkward turn...

Stassi Sets Her Eyes on a New Man

When Stassi and Kyle found themselves in the hot tub together, Kyle quickly forgot Stassi's name and then moments later likened her to Steve Jobs, so in Stassi fashion she dropped some knowledge on Kyle. Here are Stassi's rules for exactly how NOT to hit on a woman:

Rule #1:
Remember girls' names.

Rule #2:
When girls tell you things you should listen.

Rule #3:
You should not say that I look like Steve Jobs in a swimsuit turtleneck.

Rule #4:
Don't tell a girl you're excited about seeing her nipple when you don't know her name.

Better luck next time, Kyle!

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