Love Drinks (and Drama)? Here's How You Can Get a Job at SUR

Lisa Vanderpump spills the tea on what she's looking for in a potential SURver. 

Some people are just made for certain career paths; you've got to be cut from a certain cloth to be a doctor, lawyer, or even a supermodel. The same rings true for anyone looking to work at SUR Restaurant & Lounge, according to Lisa Vanderpump.

The Beverly Hills 'Wife and entrepreneur made a special appearance on Bravo Stories to offer some very helpful tips on landing a job at SUR. Obviously, some experience is necessary (a recommendation from your boyfriend also works), but overall, a potential SURver needs a certain je ne sais quoi to impress the woman in charge. Oh, and being really good-looking doesn't hurt either. Check out the video and prep for your interview with Lisa — good luck! 

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