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6 Drinks to Help You Soothe Nighttime Anxiety and Fall Asleep Fast

Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent drinks from a baby bottle to soothe her anxiety at night... you might try these.

By Marianne Garvey
Lala Soothes Her Anxiety by Drinking out of a Baby Bottle

We know SUR hostess Lala Kent loooves a drink... we just never knew it came out of a baby bottle behind closed doors. When it comes to her nightcap of choice, she's literally childlike. 

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Vanderpump Rules delivered a doozy when we saw Lala travel to Mexico with her fellow SURvers and sans diaper bag (or baby), whip out a bottle while she settled down after a long day of drinking cocktails and playing around on rope swings. Lala proceeded to pour a mixture of warm milk and honey, which actually sounds delightful, into the baby bottle, then tuck herself in under a fuzzy blanket while sucking on it like a good little baby who's going to get her eight hours of sleep. Scheana Shay, her hotel-mate, sleeping with a stuffed frog, was so shocked, she failed to mention Rob for nearly a whole minute. (Did you know he can hang a TV in under seven minutes? She timed him.) 

While Lala drifted off, she propped the bottle under her chin, and sucked away as she got drowsy. But she had an excuse: "I’m on a very low dose of my anti-anxiety medication, so when I do feel like my heart’s beating a little fast, I need my baba, and I put warm milk and honey in it,” she said. “It soothes me, like I’m a baby.”

Who could argue if it really works for her? But most grown adults weaned off that type of bottle long ago so here are some alternative drink ideas to soothe you at night. 

1. A glass of red wine

Studies show some red wine relaxes you and even possibly makes you live longer. (Yay!) Red wine contains the body's natural sleep aid melatonin, found in the skins of red grapes, which will knock you out for the night.

2. A sip of scotch or whiskey

We said a sip. Just a little brown water can help digestion, which can help you fall asleep faster after a big meal. Just don't go crazy, as a full cocktail can disrupt your sleep.

3. Chamomile tea

There's zero caffeine, and a mug of camomile has known properties that soothe your tummy and relax you. Even add a drop of honey if you want for sweetness.

4. Peppermint tea

Smells delicious, no caffeine, soothes your throat and is said to ease stress and help with digestion.

5. Hot chocolate, not too sweet

Warm up some milk and drop a small piece of dark chocolate in, don't add sugar, just sprinkle some cinnamon on and sip away. It'll relax you.

6. Warm milk

It's got tryptophan in it (just like Thanksgiving turkey) which turns to melatonin, the body’s natural sleep hormone. And not a lot, perhaps not enough to make a physiological difference — but certainly a nice dose of warm milk at bedtime can have significant psychological benefits. (Just ask Lala.)

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