Scheana Shay Says "Carb Cycling" Flattened Her Stomach — It's Not Intermittent Fasting, So What Is It?

Scheana Shay Says "Carb Cycling" Flattened Her Stomach — It's Not Intermittent Fasting, So What Is It?

Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Shay is already seeing results with her carb cycling diet approach.

By Alesandra Dubin

When Scheana Shay started to get negative attention on her body — hello, pregnancy rumors — the Vanderpump Rules SURver knew she wanted to make some changes. 

Among them was an attention to her diet — and specifically to a tactic known as “carb cycling.” 

She told Us about how the diet works: “It’s like, one day carbs, one day no carbs. Or one day carbs, two days no carbs.” 

If the approach Scheana describes sounds like the ever-popular intermittent fasting — so widely discussed in combination with the buzzy Keto diet — it does have similarities, but it's not precisely the same.

Intermittent fasting is generally about consuming all of one’s calories for a 24-hour day within the span of just eight hours, and then abstaining from consumption for 16 hours overnight and beyond. While Scheana's experience varies from day to day, she describes some of the same symptoms intermittent fasters might experience: “I go to bed starving on the no-carb days, even though I’ve had, like, three meals and a snack!” 

Where there is pain, there is gain — and for Scheana, carb cycling has worked: “My stomach’s getting a little flatter,” she told Us.

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