Stassi Schroeder Has the Most Unusual Hangover Cure — and It's Calorie Free

Stassi Schroeder Has the Most Unusual Hangover Cure — and It's Calorie Free

If this hangover cure works for Stassi Schroeder... it's worth a shot!

By Jenny Berg

You know that queasy, headache-y, mentally foggy feeling that comes with being hungover? Yep, we hate it too. And when we wake up after a night of one too many champagne coupes (or, OK, tequila shots) we'll do anything to bust through that bleh mental state. So when Stassi Schroeder offered up a new solution to the post-night-out blues, we took some notes. 

Ready for this? To blast through hangovers of her own, the Vanderpump Rules pal turns to Will Smith. In an Instagram story that showed her lying in bed next to boyfriend Beau Clark, the SURver mouthed along to the age-old lyrics of Smith's 1998 jam "Wild Wild West." Random? Perhaps. But the tune sure does serve its purpose: "This is my hangover song," Stassi announced. 

As it turns out, her main squeeze has a song of his own to help him through the most nauseated of hungover moments. As Beau rocked out to MC Hammer's Addams Family Groove, Stassi quipped that she was "questioning the relationship."

But we ask you: How did two people who both happen to have a "hangover song" — a rare trait indeed — end up together? We'll chalk this one up to fate. 

Also, listening to music has far fewer calories than more traditional hangover cures. Though, to be honest, it would take a lot to convince us that anything works better than a loaded breakfast burrito in that regard. 

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