Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

A new year, a new season of Watch What Happens Live, and Ben Weiner? This might be the best day ever.

Happy New Year to anyone with or without a Semitic vibe about them. Before I rush off to Temple – and believe me that's where I am heading first thing this morning – I just want to remind you that tonight Watch What Happens Live is back at a SPECIAL TIME – 10 PM Eastern. We've got Teresa, Stacie from DC, and Ben Weiner will be joining us LIVE and IN PERSON after HIS Rosh Hashanah meal.   

Ben doesn't have school tomorrow, and we're on an hour earlier so this timing was something of a small mitzvot, ya know what I'm saying? 

I was late to my Rosh Hashanah dinner last night, because I had a long and fascinating meeting with Ms. Naomi Campbell yesterday that happily didn't seem to want to end. That lady is awesome and probably the opposite of everything you might think she is. Oprah is re-running her episode today, in fact. Naomi is a BIG Housewives watcher, and we went deep about the reunion and about DC. She is loving our newest group of ladies.  

So let me go be Jewish and get my thoughts in order for the day, and I will be live in the Clubhouse at 10 PM. See you then! 

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