11 Obsessions!

11 Obsessions!

Andy Cohen shares his pop culture addictions.

The following is list of my 11 current pop culture obsessions at this very moment:

11. When, oh when, will "Donny and Marie" come out on DVD?! Seriously? While every crap-ass old show ("Quincy, ME: Season 2) is displayed in the entrance of the Virgin megastore I search and I wait and I search and I wait for the ice angels, brother-sister flirting, and "I'm a little bit country." I anticipate exactly how white them pearly white's will look on crystal-clear dvd: "Cute Marie, Reeeeel cute!"

10. French Pharmacies! If you see a green neon sign while strolling in France, you must stop, drop, and roll on in to buy over-the-counter bundles of joy that even Santa couldn't deliver in the USA. Aspirin with codeine! Sargenol Vitamin Fizzy Pick-Me-Ups! Blue eye drops! Donormyl, French sleeping pills that could knock out an American horse! The chemical-lovin' lawmakers in France make the Pharmacy a must-stop for any discerning visitor.

9. "One touch changes e-ver-ee-thang!" Patti LaBelle suffers from diabetes, and because of that, one of my fave singers has recorded the jingle of the year for the "one touch" product! I am not completely sure what the product does although I believe it is used to check blood sugar. I do know that because of that number-one-with-a-bullet jingle, I'm buyin' it! I don't have diabetes but Miss Patti has me under her spell and it seems highly likely to this blogger that one touch does, indeed, change e-ver-eee-thang! Go Patti!

8. Nina Garcia on "Project Runway". Her opinions are blunt and informed, she's as small as a postage stamp, her hair is ruler-straight, she can whip out a Galliano reference in a blink, and she turns it on and off like a pro. Forget El Nino, '06 is all about La Nina!

7. The U2 Vertigo Tour - I know it was very '05 and it is so over, but this concert gave me so much energy, brought me to a new level of cardiovascular fitness, inspired several new arena rock playlists on my ipod, and was really one of those few concerts who's ripple effects I'm still feeling.

6. I love Tripadvisor.com - where better to check what other people say about hotels that I want to stay at!? The reviews are often very helpful, and sometimes quite comical. A famous producer is bound for the Sunscape Tolum Resort in Mexico and we found this surreal review from a lady who gave it 4 stars: "I stayed at the Sunscape Tulum for a fortnight from 13th Nov '05. On the second day of my holiday I decided to get on the water trampoline, climbing on the water was over my head. I dived off the opposite side (further in to the sea) and it was less than 1 meter deep. I broke 3 x ribs, and 4 vertebrae in my back and managed to puncture one of my lungs as well....I think that it is dangerous of the hotel to put the water trampoline out when it is not deep enough to be dived off...I spent a month in a hospital in Cancun and spent 2 weeks in intensive care, fantastic health care but not how I would choose to spend my holiday....I would like to get in touch with the Belgian guy who helped me out of the water along with his American wife who wasa nurse, I would like to thank them for saving my life....

6. (cont) In terms of the hotel, facilities were fantastic for the 2 days I was there - Sushi restaurant really good as was the Italian a la carte - no reservations needed and you can eat there as many nights as you want during your stay.....The lunch restaurant was great - I am still dreaming of the buffalo wings....Staff were fantastic and the rooms were in keeping with the Hacienda style of the whole hotel." Isn't it kind of amazing that this kind woman gives the hotel 4 stars and goes on to review the hotel after having such a miserable experience???

5. The book TRUMAN CAPOTE: IN WHICH VARIOUS FRIENDS, ENEMIES, ACQUAINTENCES AND DETRACTORS RECALL HIS TURBULENT CAREER by George Plimpton is a great oral history of the author. It's especially relevant right now as the film "Capote" portrays his writing IN COLD BLOOD. Later this year another buzzy Capote film comes out based on Plimpton's book that'll tell this tale of the author's entire life, featuring Sigourney Weaver, Sandra Bullock, and John Benjamin Hickey.

4. If Diana Ross was ever planning to get it together, I would suggest that now is that moment (see Miss Patti at number 8). The diva toured select cities and Europe last year with a well-reviewed concert and I am obsessed with this lady pulling a Cher, getting back on her heels, and putting us on our knees at her feet - where we all belong. I hereby publicly offer her a Bravo Contract of her choosing to just get herself back out there please. I am begging for this one.

3. I live for (unintentionally) train wreck TV. Just when you thought a show couldn't come close to "Soap Talk", enter "The Tony Danza Show". Yesterday's guests were Chris Cuomo, Olympia Dukakis, and Judge Marilyn Millian. The baubles that spill out of Danza's mouth are priceless, he dances at each show's end, often takes questions from the audience, and the entire affair is like an exercise in killing time! You don't want to miss it and you won't be able to turn away.

2. Them cowboys got me BAD! I am still haunted by "Brokeback Mountain" every day. Play 2 chords of the soundtrack and I am in a zone. I can't wait to see it again - and the entire cast is on Oprah today!

1. "Jump" by Madonna. There are times when I run for 50 minutes listening solely to this song over and over. It is beyond the beyond, a new instant classic, and a must-dance Madge-tastic sensation! I'd love to hear from anyone reading this blog what YOUR pop culture obsessions are... email me at the link above and I'll print what makes you hot and bothered.

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