Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Andy Cohen talks TV.

It is a beautiful day here in NYC and let me be the first to wish the two of you (my Parents) a happy new year.

I can't shake the cold I picked up on Emmy night, so I spent most of the weekend in bed watching TV, thus today's blog about TV.

Watching the debate was like sitting on pins and needles for 90 minutes. I was surprised by how well people thought Obama did. I thought he could've returned a lot of McCain's punches harder and stronger. I guess that's not his style and I guess it worked to some people. Pre-debate, there was an amazing hour on ABC that juxtaposed McCain's life story with Obama's. Before he turned into a crazy old man, McCain looked like a movie star. His POW story is always incredible to hear. My friend Lynn was one of the producers and I bet they'll be getting some Emmys next year (unless they're up against "Amazing Race".) Part 2 airs next week.

Did anybody see the two hour "Survivor" premiere? That show is so damn great. I still fast-forward through the challenges though. Roll the ball, latch the chain, light the fire, blah blah blah. Jeff Probst is a great host. Why isn't THAT show up for Best Competitive Reality??? It is superb. I wasn't crazy about the season premiere of "The Office", but I saw last season's finale for the first time over the weekend and loved it. I prefer a half-hour episode to an hour. Saturday night was a viewing party for the premiere of my friend Troy Roberts' unbelievable story on "48 Hours". He's spent much of the past year with Shawn Hornbeck and his family. Shawn is the kid who was abducted and basically held hostage for 4 1/2 years while he endured unspeakable abuse. He made it out alive and told his story a year later to Troy. It was a blow away hour of television.

I didn't think the SNL Palin-Couric skit was so funny because the original was so jaw-dropping that it needed no parody. It was parody itself. Roll the original tape!

I watched a ton of movies like "Dolores Claiborne", "Best in Show" some documentary about Broadway that's running on Showtime, and "The African Queen". (That is a very gay list of movies, I know.)


Do I want to have easy access to my cabbie? You betcha! Thus, I love a cab without a passenger-driver barrier and Alexander Burgos' ride suited me just fine till I spilled hot tea in my crotch due to his jerky lurky driving. ALEX!?!?! We laughed about it later and I good naturedly massaged his shoulders. (I didn't.) The fare was $10.90 and I gave him $13.

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