Hard Candy

Hard Candy

Andy eats up Madonna's new album.

Last night we went to a (new?) restaurant called Smith on MacDougal. It is chic-now meets retro-deco! (That means nothing and I know it.) How did Bruce discover such a gem, anyway? After din we went to Bette where we saw either Dolce or Gabbana on our way in. Would Gabbana be upset if referred to as Dolce? Would Dolce be upset if referred to as Gabbana? I'll never know... Thom Browne was inside, we danced to Kool and the Gang and my suit felt drapey around TB. I am immune to disco, but I guess that's obvious at this point. After that we went to some seedy sadsackeries, inside which one would surmise that any respectable non-Cyrus would certainly NOT be found on a Monday night. BUT let us not forget that in 2006 the NYT declared Monday the new Thursday...

ANYWAY... Am I the only one of us who woke up this morning and went directly to iTunes to ingest Madonna's new album into my system? I am into it, but that's no shock. I am feeling "She's Not Me" BIG TIME. When CONFESSIONS ON A DANCE FLOOR came out I was in San Francisco where we were shooting season 1 of "Top Chef". That CD is massively to thank for a year's worth of cardio addiction. I hope HARD CANDY has the same effect.

In other news... I love what Alessandra Stanley says this morning in the TIMES - "now it turns out that Mr. Wright doesn't hate America, he loves the sound of his own voice.". Oh Alessandra, LOL to you. And I agree. But shut up, Rev. You have done enough.

Chris Hanson, the "To Catch a Predator" dude, interviewed me yesterday in my office about a piece he's doing about pervy TV executives. Just joshing, it's about a reality TV scam artist. Though I knew the topic, when I was sitting there across from him I was pretty sure I was going to get busted for something and that I would be escorted out of my office momentarily after the interview. I'm not guilty, I swear. I still don't get the problem with the Miley Cyrus pictures.

My pal Dave - he's a father of two little girls - emailed me yesterday that she's only 15. So maybe I get it a little bit. Blame Billy Ray! I cancelled my trip to LA, so if you're looking for me at LAX go have a Chili's chicken sandwich by gate 45 in the American Terminal and it'll be like we're together.

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