Wedding Night

Wedding Night

Andy Cohen anticipates tonight's episode of 'Bethenny Getting Married?'

Lots of Champers popping this morning at Bravo.... Mazel to Kathy Griffin and our whole Top Chef team — they're all Emmy nominees! TC is up for Outstanding Reality Competition and Kathy is up for Best Reality Show! Yipee!!!! 

Here comes the bride tonight on Bravo, when Bethenny gets married in what looks like one of the most gorgeous weddings I've ever seen. I cried. (But I'm a crier.)  I have gotten many tweets since the wedding in March asking if I was invited and if I was, why I didn't go? I was indeed invited and I regretfully couldn't attend because it was Bruce's long-planned birthday celebration in Miami. 

Anyway, the episode is great, and Bethenny's People mag cover story fills in a lot of blanks about her past.

So the spinning continues, and yesterday I was checking in and there behind the desk was NYC Prep star Sebastian and his hair. I spun extra hard because I was so happy to see anybody from NYC Prep. I loved that show. By the way, the ladies who go to Soul Cycle all seem to be teeny and thin and drive HUGE cars — their make of choice looks to be whatever is the latest Mercedes SUV.

Last night my mom asked me to explain who Lindsay Lohan was and why people care about her.... It was sad. By the way, Lindsay needs Adderall in jail??? Whaa? Doesn't that make you high?

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