Everything's Coming Up Snoopy

Everything's Coming Up Snoopy

Andy Cohen hosts a screening of the new Peanuts movie Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown at the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, California.

Well, not everything is coming up Snoopy.... For example, Sunday's Watch What Happens Live features Top Chef Masters host Curtis Stone and NeNe Leakes. And that isn't too Snoopy-ish. And my flight attendant mistakenly spilled an entire mug of tea on my Macbook on yesterday's flight to San Fran, thereby killing it. And that's not very Snoopyish.

But yesterday overall was really Snoopytastic for me because I hosted a screening of the new Peanuts movie Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown at the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, California. I was invited by his wife, Jeanne Schulz, after she'd seen my video blog (one of my many lame tours of new office) in which I set a plastic bag full of Snoopys free from suffocation.

When I arrived at the museum I was greeted by none other than Snoopy! And we hugged a bunch and I petted Snoop's nose...

I met Mrs. Schulz who gave me a great tour of the (very beautiful) museum. The tour was worth the whole trip and they showed me their archives, which included never displayed drawings and letters. I felt very priveleged to see it all and hear about it from Mrs. Schulz. Craig Schulz, Charles' son, wrote and produced the film and is a Bravo addict and really good guy. We went deep about Snoopy plush dolls and everything else Snoopy.  At one point I found myself literally swimming in Snoopys.

I made them take me to the gift shop, and I bought a lunchbox, Christmas lights featuring Charlie Brown, several new plushies, and a keychain. Or two. I don't know what I will do with this stuff, but I am pretty sure I need it. And I went in the indoor ice rink that Mr. Schulz frequented pretty much every day. It is super-'60s inside and that is precisely how I like things! Oh and while I was there I tried to get some work done, which was a bit comical.


The movie is fantastic and out on dvd now. I guess it's more of a special because it's under an hour. Charlie Brown and Linus broke my heart, and the work of the animators is gorgeous. The main dude from Devo did the music and hit it on the head. After the film I hosted a Q and A with key peeps involved and it was very edifying to hear their process, motives, and philosophy about expanding the brand while keeping it exactly intact, which is what they did.

I had lamented to a reporter the other day that I wished I could put a Snoopy in the Clubhouse, but I hadn't for fear the estate would sue my ass for not clearing the image. Well, at the end of the event they presented me with an awesome Snoopy-as-"Joe Cool" Award with great inscription that will proudly be displayed on the show just as soon as they carefully ship it to me.

 Check out the film, check out the museum, check out Snoopy, and check me out Sunday night at 11.

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