Early Morning

Early Morning

Andy Cohen ruminates on the 'Out' 100 party, Ashton and Demi, and Natalie Wood.


I am writing this at 6 a.m. on my way to a shoot. I'm cranky, which stinks because I was in such a good mood during the sleepless/awake/worry portion of my night from 3-4:30. And before I left my house, I realized that my computer seems to have died. I knew that I got a dud Mac when I bought it earlier this year. We never really got along.

Last night was at the OUT 100 party, and the highlight was running into Kathy Griffin, whose cover portrait is absolutely STUNNING!!! Check it out. Supersensational.

This morning is Regis' last on Live!, and I am looking forward to seeing his farewell. Yesterday's episode was very emotional, so I can only imagine what's in store for today. I have loved watching Regis over the years -- he's one of a kind!!

I was just beginning to register the Ashton and Demi break-up, when I heard that LAPD is re-opening the Natalie Wood case from 1981. Wow. I've heard so much gossip and speculation from over the years about what went on on the boat with she and RJ and Christopher Walken that I just can't imagine what new evidence they have. What could it be?? One thing that seems to be a constant is that they were all really drunk or stoned or high or just out of it that night. So who really could know?

I get the feeling that this blog gets dumber by the day.

OK I will see you live on Sunday night!

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