Morning Joe

Morning Joe

Andy Cohen is up bright and early to discuss... sports?!


I am up way to early for my tastes, in a car heading to Morning Joe to discuss Albert Pujols leaving the St. Louis Cardinals. Did I ever think I would be on TV talking about sports? No. Did you? I didn't think so. 

I am sleepwalking, so I don't imagine I will make much sense. I do know that in the end it was all about money for Albert and why should his loyalty to St. Louis outweigh 40-50 more million dollars. If it was 10 million I'd be really pissed. Or if he was going to the Cubs. (I'm not happy about this, but I'm pragmatic.)

On another note, the tension on Top Chef between Heather and Bev the other night was really something. This is a supertalented group of chefs, but there's a ton of drama that goes along with them, so buckle up for a lot of tears and conflict to come with much great food. 

While that was airing Wednesday night I was at a gorgeous party at the IAC Building for Valentino's Virtual Museum. It was very glittery and I'd been home writing, lost track of time on a stormy night, and ran over there unshaven in the wrong outfit. So I was looking dumpy amidst the likes of Rachel Zoe, Daphne Guinness, China Chow, and SJP who were all turned out in Valentino -- and the men all had natty suits on. You win some and you lose some, I guess. Oh, and I was wet. 

Sunday night is Kim Zolciak's due date, so that's a big RHATL episode. I'm live after with Attorney Phaedra Parks (mmm-hmmm) and the beautiful Tracee Ellis Ross. 

OK I'm pulling up to 30 Rock... 

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