Getting Myself in Gear

Getting Myself in Gear

Andy Cohen gets back on the blog wagon.

I am horribly out of sync with my blog, and I apologize to anybody whose been checking this space. How is it possible that I wrote a book in four months and now am falling off the blog wagon? I think it has to do with my new five-night-a-week schedule and generally being out of whack.

I had a great time on the show this week, and love how different every episode was. I can't believe what a great guy Daniel Radcliffe is, and I loved all the scoop Ryan Murphy spilled about his shows on Monday night. And did you see how pissed I got about the cheese on my rug on Wednesday night? When did I become Jeff Lewis? We did indeed get the damn cheese off the rug, and so I shouldn't have worried. 

After that show I went out with Patti to an AmfAR party hosted by Heidi Klum. It was pretty fun, and I especially enjoyed witnessing a moment of insanity when Dina Lohan either left the event in a huff or was ushered out of the event in a huff.  I couldn't tell what was happening but she seemed like an O.C. Housewife on a rampage. She was FURIOUS.  

Speaking of O.C., we are all in a lather at Bravo HQ about how fantastic this new season -- it's SEVENTH -- is. I have a special place in my heart for the O.C. gals and that show, which I always say reminds me of Knots Landing, and there's something about this season that totally clicks right from the start. I am forever amazed by what happens in front of a camera when you turn it on. Truth is forever stranger than fiction -- it's so trite but proven true every time I pop in a rough cut of most of our shows. And I love human behavior. And I'm a voyeur, of course.This weekend I'm in Ft. Lauderdale surprising my mom for her birthday. She doesn't live here -- she just happens to be here. And it's rainy, and then it's going to snow in NYC when I come back. So my weather karma might not be too amazing. But maybe I'll get a full night's sleep.

Fashion Week awaits back in NYC, and we have another great week of WWHL planned with Gloria Estefan, David Arquette, Lil' Kim, Willie Geist, Phaedra, a Valentine's Special with Patti Stanger and Joan Rivers. That's gonna all be FUN.

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