Layla: I'm Not Surprised Joe Ran Away at the Bar

Layla: I'm Not Surprised Joe Ran Away at the Bar

Layla explains why she thinks her boyfriend gets so jealous and dishes on Joe's "shady" behavior during their confrontation. 

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More Money, More Problems: Joe and Layla's Blow Up
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Sign Up for Free to View Is it difficult dating another trainer? Do you get competitive? Has Jay always been so jealous like at the gym? 

Layla Luciano: We're both top fitness instructors in the NYC fitness scene. I've always been inspired by his classes even before we started dating. With us, it's less about competition and more about how we balance each other to create new workouts or other fitness creations. Jay has never really been the jealous type in the past but I feel like he is just very protective over me because he loves me so much. What is your biggest fitness pet peeve?

LL: In group fitness my biggest pet peeve is anyone who shows up to take a class and starts doing their own thing. In the beginning of class I will always ask for injuries or newbies and if you tell me "I got a few things I'm working through," I get it. But if you are doing your own thing in class and your response to me when I approach you is "I just know my body" with no further follow up, that is unacceptable. It's not fair for the instructor who spends his or her time creating the workout and the other clients in class. Group fitness is about the overall energy of the group and feeding off of that energy to push yourself to the next level. I believe in modifications and working through injuries to the best of your abilities but when everyone else is running their ass off on the treadmill and your next to them walking because "you know your body" it kills the vibe of the class. So when you show up to class leave the ego at the door and come ready to give your best, because I am there for YOU! Tell us about your blow-up with Joe. Were you surprised he left the bar?

LL: I was not surprised when Joe ran away from me at the bar. Lena and I questioned him about where he came from and his "business" and his "career" and he had no answers, just a little smirk. Fitness is my passion. My business is my passion and something I take seriously, and if someone asks me about it I am excited to share. But the way Joe responded was shady. Like what are you trying to hide? I can't handle sneaky people or fake people and from the rumors I started hearing and how he responded, I knew something was up.

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