And The Saga Continues

And The Saga Continues

Erika talks about getting into her Speedo on national television!



My first observation is that everyone needs to get off Jesse's back. So what if his body fat is a bit high, he just graduated from culinary school! That is awesome considering I can only make four things -- oatmeal, chicken breasts, egg-whites and steamed veggies. I wish he would cook for me sometime.



Now I must admit that i was totally freaking out about getting into a bathing suit on national television. That's why I wore a sexy Speedo! (Note: Read Rebecca's blog to hear what she thought of Erika in her Speedo.) I actually do swim in that thing when I do laps in the pool for an hour or when I swim in the ocean. Bikinis tend to fall off at the beach. I try to keep in shape all year, but still you never know how your body is going to look on camera...Yikes!



The party at Jackie's house was fun until all the drama between Peeler and Jackie kicked in. As soon as that happened, I was outta there. I have my own drama to worry about.


It was really nice to see Doug and Jesse make up. Watching Doug was really tough, though. When he was telling Jesse how he wanted to be a good friend to him, I thought that was a stand-up thing to do. It made me so sad to see his kindness because that is what Doug was -- a kind, caring, gentle angel. Then enter the sex kitten, Rebecca. Gotta love her! Little miss thang getting close to the boss. Wow! I guess I am an idiot because I did not see that one coming! That said, I told her she should tell Jackie to give her a company credit card and take me out to dinner.

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