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Choosing A Path In Life

Jackie thanks fans for all of their love and support!

First I want to thank everyone who has shown me so much love since the first episode aired last week. I was concerned about appearing weak that the incredible support I have received has just been amazing. Thank you. Many people have commented on my ambition and strength. I credit my grandfather for most of that. He was a huge influence in my life. I came from a single-parent home so I lived with my grandparents some of the time. His personality and the things that he gave me are the best parts of me now. The rest is just me, trying to find my way in a small town atmosphere that was extremely narrow-minded. Being a gay woman, and knowing that from a very early age, has a lot to do with my inner strength. This is why I think gay men and women maneuver well in society. If we can get over the hurdles, who better to turn opinion around? From a very young age, I was a people watcher and I learned how to make people see my side of things.


Once, when I was traveling in Mexico, I met a woman with her family, a husband and kids, and she was in tears. I stopped and asked her: "What exactly is it about me that makes you feel this way?" She said, "I took a different path in life than you. I admire you so much because I feel if I changed directions -- made different choices -- I could have been you." That is key because a lot of these women chose wonderful paths -- to be wives and mothers -- and so the fact that they can imagine doing something else by watching me, well, that is very gratifying.

This episode begins with Mimi and I breaking up. I can say honestly that I have not mourned the relationship for one minute. I have not shed one tear. I sat in that therapy session and I thought, I don't want any more of this at all. So I moved on, and I moved on quickly. By the time of the party at my house, I really let loose, which is difficult for me to do. This season shows the beginning of me having more fun with all of my work. This episode is the start of me enjoying myself and having fun with the dating situation.



Yes, everyone seemed to be having a great time at the party except for Peeler. But I have to say, Brian Peeler is one of the most sensitive people I have ever met and that really doesn't come through. I was completely joking with him the entire time, but he got so bent out of shape that at one point that I got annoyed.

I thought: "You're being silly and I'm not going to pull myself out of my party mode to deal with you." So I gave him his space because I didn't think that I did anything wrong, and I knew he would come to me when he wanted to talk about it, which he did.



To all the people that have asked about's coming. We'll have a website and phone number published shortly. Until then, they can come to the Sky Sport website and/or call Sky Sport and we'll start a waiting list. It's amazing because the idea is touching a nerve.


Lastly, for everyone who is concerned about me potentially dating an employee...I will say: Please relax. I am not going to get involved seriously with anyone, let alone an employee. The outpouring of support and caring I get in your messages and comments is very touching and I so very much appreciate it.

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