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Full On Emotional Roller Coaster

Erika reacts to the news of Doug's death.



Wow. This episode hit me the hardest from the beginning to end. This one never stopped pulling at my heart. Seeing Jackie cry as she was making peace with her mom and visiting her dad's gravesite for the first time not only made me cry, but it gave me more perspective on who she is. Jackie is just not my boss who has a strong exterior. She also has vulnerabilities like everyone else and it is so motivating to see her confront her issues and take control of them. I have always agreed with the concept that a person should never stop growing and working on themselves. Constant inward reflection not only makes for a better person, but a person who can help others.



Watching Jesse train the gay model who was in the military was an eye opening experience. America not accepting gays in the military really makes me sick. How could our government give a soldier a purple heart and then take it away just because he is gay? That does not make sense to me. All these soldiers are the same; every man and woman is fighting equally and passionately for the rights of our country. They should be rewarded and respected no matter what their sexual preference is. Is this not the land of the free?? When I learned that Peeler was in charge of the gym while Jackie was out of town, my first instinct was to run wild like he did last year. He treated me with no respect and acted like a total clown. I so wanted to be a total jerk and embarrass him in front of everyone. Pay back is a bitch. However, my "mature" self then took over and said "Erika, you are an idiot for even thinking that way. You are a lady and should act accordingly."


Well I did. Snooze fest.



Doug's sickness taking a turn for the worst was horrible to hear. We all thought that he was getting better and was going to be released from the hospital. To learn that a dear friend was about to pass really tore my heart out. Doug was such a sweet person and a true angel. Despite all the tragedies in his life, he moved forward and was an example of a person who never stopped growing and strived to be a better person. Doug was an inspiration to me and touched the lives of so many people. How a person like him could be taken from us so soon, really made me think about how precious life is and how we should all constantly strive to appreciate what is given to us and live life like there is no tomorrow.

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