Make A Happy List Right Now!

Make A Happy List Right Now!

Zen explains how to break free from food dependencies!


I am so proud of Carol! When all the SkyLab clients were weighing in with panicked looks on their faces, I was a bit smug. I knew Carol had lost weight. She had not only been training hard with me, but we were in constant communication via phone and text so I knew she was keeping up with the program. The scale showed she lost 1.5 pounds but her waist had already shrunk six inches! Let that be a lesson to NOT solely rely upon the scale as a good indicator of your fitness level. I think it's important that my clients have a good time during training, even while getting their butt kicked. Carol and I can laugh even after she takes a nose-dive into a snowdrift. You ROCK, Carol! And in case you were wondering, those green pants said "JUNK" on my butt. I celebrate having a little "Junk in the trunk." If you want to sport a pair, go to, my new product line. You might as well have fun workout wear, right?


It's all about attitude ... and you get to choose your attitude. Each and every one of us makes a choice on how we're going to react to a situation. You might notice that I tend to find the humor in situations when all the drama is swirling around me. It's a choice. My brother always says, "Don't get sucked into the crazy." I agree. I think this episode touched on another important topic. MOST people have emotional connections with food. Many times we use food to reward or comfort ourselves, yet we can all find alternatives to food. Carol just needed to find other things that make her happy, like snowboarding and shopping! I think everyone should make a happy list RIGHT NOW of things that are NOT food related. Seriously. Go do it. That list could quite possibly save your life. I know it made a big difference in mine. We have to deal with our feelings and not repress them under a blanket of donuts or pizza. (And yes, some of us seriously need some therapy and/or pharmaceutical assistance, so please seek professional help if you think you need it.)


So, Jackie and Rebecca ... bow chicka bah bow! (Cue the cheesy 70's porn music.) They're definitely turning up the heat. And the hotter it gets, the more frazzled Jesse seems to become. Although, I thought it was pretty cool how he just brushed off his face like an annoyed aristocrat after Rebecca hurled water at him. Still, even with all the drama, we had fun in Lake Arrowhead hiking and ice-skating. But of course Doug's absence loomed large over the group and I wished he were there.


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