Robert Novogratz

Bob tells you his flea market picks and the story behind all the kids' names!

on Apr 13, 2010

Hi everybody. It’s a big week for us! The premiere of our show, which I just saw for the first time, is tonight! Wow...what a crazy episode at that…that was easily the most hectic month of our lives. Cortney was expecting our 7th baby and our new home being built was 3 months delayed in construction. To top it all off, we had to find a temporary space to live in, as we decided to rent out our Soho house when we were given an amazing offer that we couldn’t turn down in this tough economy.

It was sad to be moving from our Centre Market home, as it might have been our favorite one yet…but the truth is that we couldn’t live in 2 homes and this is our gig. Making matters even more stressful was the fact we had a huge camera crew with us everywhere we went. Nobody really wanted to rent to a family with 6 kids and camera crew in tow…well, we finally found a 2 bedroom apartment as we ran out of time and choices. The kids ended up loving the place, although I am not sure our neighbors loved us so much…we made do as we always do, and of course Cortney decided to redesign the temporary place in the midst of all of this.