Joey Gibbons: They're Going to Have to Respect Each Other

Gibbons Life Founder Joey Gibbons gives advice for the #ApresSki crew. What do you think of the Gibbons Life crew so far?
Joey Gibbons: I think that all of them are very talented within their own skill set, and it’s going to be interesting to see how they are going to develop as a team and gel within the Whistler community. What sort of obstacles do you think the team will have to overcome?
JG: They are going to have to learn how to respect and have positive energy with each other so that they focus on the guests having a great experience. What is the hardest part about overseeing a group like this?
JG: Anytime you put this many powerful people together, one person’s energy heading in the wrong direction can cause a disaster. So we will have to watch this closely throughout the season.

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