Kendra Larkin: Elise and I Both are Feeling Like Outsiders

Kendra wishes more of her team members were open to trying to become friends. How did you feel when only Elise signed up to test out the peak-to-peak gondola with you? 

Kendra Larkin: I'm disappointed that none of my other teammates would step up to working with me on the peak-to-peak gondola project. However, I really appreciate Elise testing the gondola out with me so we can both learn more about our surroundings. How does Whistler compare to working around the world and during fashion week? 

KL: Fashion Week and Whistler are two very different beasts, but both require the ability to roll with the punches and meet difficult requests from VIP clients. As for working around the world, it requires adaptability and patience in learning your surroundings, so it's very similar to working in Whistler. Do you think you and Elise have a connection? 

KL: So far, Elise is the only person who has returned the effort to be friends here in Whistler. I'm happy that Elise wants to try to establish a connection since we both are feeling like outsiders. 

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