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The Suspense is Killing Me

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Avery Pursell: "I Felt That I Did Not Perform Well"

Final Destination

Homeward Bound

Food Reigns

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Meat Sweats

Atta Girl!

The Final Four

Axis of Evil

Big Trouble in Little China

The Future is Hong Kong

Rocket Science

The Third Opium War

Cheating In Chiang Mai

Under the Radar

The Thai That Binds

Okie Dokie

Full of Bologna

Troop Bologna?

Pick Up Your Game!

My Baloney has a First Name it’s J-E-N-N-A

When in Rome...

Super Tuscan

That's a Spicy Meatball!


Down in Africa

Funky Cold Medina

Spice Girls

The Art of Culinary War

Prawn Stars

Barcelona or Bust

It's in His Lisp

My Retirement Plan

Allons-y a Lyon!

Truly Exceptional

Lyon for Lambs

Truck Nutz

Playing the Game

The Dog's Bollocks

London on a Plate

Piss and Vinegar

The Suspense is Killing Me

Cat Cora summarizes the finale.

I don't know about you, but I found the finale to be super-suspenseful. After 60,000 miles and nine countries, it came down to two great (female!) chefs. 

Obviously this was the toughest challenge of all. Preparing a three-course meal for some of the top chefs in L.A. is an intimidating assignment for any chef. Both Avery and Liz did a great job and it was tough for all of us to have to make a choice. In the end, to paraphrase Wolfgang Puck, experience won over talent, even if it was by a narrow margin.

Congrats to Avery for winning the contest. And kudos to Liz and the other contestants for giving it their all and doing some great cooking along the way.

I had a fabulous time doing this show with my great friend Curtis Stone and a great production team. Thanks to all of you for watching! Send me your comments on Facebook and Twitter. See y'all soon!


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