Tom Colicchio Compares Parenting to Cooking: "I Can Get a Dish Back If I Screw It Up"

The Bravo's Top Chef judge gets emotional about his children.

Tom Colicchio was enjoying a leisurely and decadent dinner at his own Temple Court restaurant in New York City with jazz legend Wynton Marsalis and twins Ezra and Adeev Potash, hosts of the new digital series Beats + Bites with the Potash Twins, when he spontaneously found himself a bit choked up. Fans of Bravo's Top Chef are used to seeing the judge in his most serious mode, so when you watch the clip above, you might get a little verklempt as well. 

He talks about his blue-collar upbringing in Elizabeth, New Jersey, where his father was a corrections officer at the county jail and his mother managed a school cafeteria. His father suggested he become a chef, and so Tom hustled hard in New Jersey before going to New York City to give it his big shot.

Tom became a huge success in the food world, but it came at a sacrifice. Reflecting back on those times, Tom said that he wished he could be a better father to his 24-year-old son because he was so busy when he was growing up, and that he is putting as much quality time as he can with his two younger children who are growing up now.

"I can get a dish back if I screw it up," he said, "but children, I can't get that back. Now I'm getting all choked up!"

Sounds like Tom has all the ingredients he needs to be a loving father — including the ability to thoughtfully reflect and learn over time.

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