Dina Lohan on the Accident That Ripped Off Lindsay's Finger: "Lucky She Knows About Boats"

It could have been much worse if not for Lilo's and her friends' quick action and competence.

Last weekend, Lindsay Lohan lost a finger in a boating accident in Turkey — and shared graphic photos of the shocking event on her social media.

The accident happened when the star tried to pull up the boat's anchor, but her hand became entangled in it and the anchor pulled her down into the water with it. She had to struggle to to free herself and get back into the boat to save her life. But she wasn't unscathed: The anchor ripped off part of her finger. Friends were able to locate the digit on the dock and surgeons were ale to reattach it. 

Now, mom Dina Lohan is speaking out about what happened that day — and about how Lindsay's recovering now.

"She's doing OK, thank goodness," Dina told Us. "She was on a boat, a two story, not like a small boat, and she was pulling up the anchor. We grew up with boats, Lindsay and I both grew up with boats, but it slid the bottom part of her finger off when she was pulling it up!"

Dina said it was Lindsay's know-how as well as the competence and quick action of her friends that kept the situation from being any worse than it was. "Luckily one of her her girlfriends she was with, her best friend, was a hand surgeon!" Dina said. "Her friend picked up the piece of Lindsay's thumb and they put it back. It fit perfectly and wrapped it up."

Dina told Us that Lindsay went to a plastic surgeon and she has another appointment this week. "Luckily she knows about boats and her friends could help her," Dina said. "Lindsay has always had good people around her. Lindsay knows what's important in life and in friends."

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