Is This Terrifying Swing Over a Hawaiian Valley Your Worst Nightmare?

Not for the faint of heart.

When it comes to travel trends, these days it's all about wellness vacations with yoga, bootcamp, and even digital detox. Fitting right in with that kind of health-minded experience would be the Haiku Stairs in Hawaii — if the attraction hadn't closed 30 years ago because it was considered too deadly and injurious.

The site on Oahu is well known to offer one of the most gorgeous views in all of the island state — and that's saying a lot. The U.S. Navy originally built the stairs as a way to access communications facilities along the ridgeline of mountains above Haiku Valley. 

But they were eventually closed when they became simply too risky a proposition for hikers. Now, an unlawful visit can be punishable by six months in jail!

But danger and risk attracts a certain kind of person. And now someone has set up a new diversion at the site that is no doubt riskier than ever... and travelers are sharing Instagram snaps so prove they've done it.

What is it? Well it's a swing held by a very rickety-looking and graffiti-covered set of poles. And just looking at the pics from several thousand miles away is making our palms sweat. 

What say you — "no way," or "hell yeah?!"

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