This Bravo Show Helps Cure Chrissy Teigen's Jet Lag

The model has the perfect remedy for a major pitfall of jet setting.

As Chrissy Teigen has proved time after time, she isn't afraid to keep things real on social media. And her latest ultra-candid confession came after some major traveling around the globe. It turns out, when the model and TV personality steps off the plane in a new timezone, there's really one on way she can deal with. Greasy breakfast foods... and some Captain Lee. Or, perhaps, in this case Chef Ben.

"Bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sammy + [Below Deck]," she shared on Snapchat. "That jetlagggggg!"

Chrissy's jet lag cure

We totally get that a brain-bending case of jet lag forces you to type out the "g" six times. And binge watching Below Deck really is an excellent way to wait out the situation. (That sammy doesn't look too bad, either.) Hey, at least we now we know the secret to Chrissy's ultra-glam jet-set life.

Jet lagged or not, don't forget to tune into Below Deck every Tuesday at 9/8c.

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