6 Logical Places to Move if Your Candidate Loses the Election

Canada's just one option.

Forget crossing the aisle. This presidential election continues to shock like whoa — and if your candidate doesn’t win, you’re crossing the border... or at least threatening to. While you shake your head at the primary results and mull over places to move to — you know, just in case — here are a few English-speaking countries to consider updating your visa for. And Lena Dunham — who promised she'd move to Canada if Trump wins — you may want to also consider these alternatives too.

1.  Canada

Oh, yes, the classic. “I’m moving to Canada” may be an election-season cliché, but there’s a reason Americans have the northern country top of mind. Canada is rich in natural beauty and is socially progressive. And, four words: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. All now swoon.

2.  England

It’s hard to shake notions of England as a romantic place filled with sprawling gardens, miraculous stones, and the best scones on earth. And that’s because all the storybook notions are true. Add in a royal family that’s impossible to resist, and we’re sold.

3.  Ireland

And while you’re stalking real estate in the United Kingdom, picture living in Ireland. Rolling green hills, a rich literary history, and idyllic pubs abound. Plus, Dublin gets more like Los Angeles every day, with chia-seed jam for its scones and a heavenly holistic center right downtown. Well, this will do, as a lovely home for four to eight years.

4.  Belize

Admit it: You fantasized about living here before that candidate was a gleam in the White House’s eye. First, note Belize’s beaches, paved with palm trees and powdery white sand. But if you get restless after all that beach lounging, the country has a more adventurous side — think diving, snorkeling, and trekking through mysterious caves. You’ll also find that American dollars take you far here.

5.  South Africa

This country is known for its gloriously sunny weather, which should lift your spirits in case of an election #fail. Of course, it’s also rife with astounding natural beauty: You’ll (eventually) come back to America with tales of giraffes, parks decked with ancient cave paintings, and the largest crater on earth.  

6.  New Zealand


So, this is refreshing: New Zealanders are known for prioritizing balance. (Work, meet life.) There’s also plenty of jaw-dropping scenery, with wide-open spaces stretching for miles, and plenty of gorgeous beaches. 

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