6 Times George and Charlotte Were Beyond Adorable on the Royal Family's Canadian Tour

Picture perfect.

Prince William, Kate Middleton, and picturesque heirs George and Charlotte are on their royal tour of Canada, and let's review what we know about it so far. They are traveling with an entourage of 12, including a supernanny and Kate's hair stylist. Beyond that, the trip involves some questionable — even "dirty" — lodgings that may be beneath the royal standards. And Kate may or may not have a huge crush on hot Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau

But here's one totally uncontroversial fact about their trip: The royal kids are seriously cute as can be. Let's take a minute to coo over their edible faces as the whole crew attends a children's party for military families.

1.  Tee hee, knee socks.

2.  Mommy, lookit!

3.  William's twin?

4.  Cheek to cheek with daddy

5.  Nice doggy

6.  OMG bubbles!!!

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