Pigeon Sets Up Nest in Woman’s Orange Pasta Strainer, Lives in Her Kitchen Now

If you’ve ever wanted to see a baby pigeon, now’s your chance!

Sometimes having a roommate can really be the worst. They make too much noise when you’re trying to sleep, or they leave their dirty dishes in the sink, or they make a nest out of your orange pasta strainer and just sit there for days while they wait for their eggs to hatch.

Okay, so maybe that last example is a very specific kind of roommate: A pigeon, to be exact. But that’s exactly what happened to Genevieve Roman, a 33-year-old immigration lawyer living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

After returning from a two-month trip, Roman discovered that a pigeon had found its way into her fifth-floor apartment and effectively laid eggs and built a nest in her colander. “I walked into the apartment Tuesday morning and, you know, I had a squatter,” Roman told The New York Post. “She is a pretty nice roommate and doesn’t get on my nerves such as every other roommate I’ve had.”

Although Roman contacted an animal rescue organization, she was told that they would accept the chicks, but not the mom. So she decided to leave the pigeon—whom she’s since named Adelaide—alone so that she can safely hatch her chicks.

Roman has been documenting the entire saga on Instagram @adelaide_the_pigeon. Here’s the story, in her own words:


A post shared by Adelaide_NYC (@adelaide_the_pigeon) on

Last one today I swear but just wanted to show you guys my pride and joy #proudmom #clutchofeggs

A post shared by Adelaide_NYC (@adelaide_the_pigeon) on

Pleased to introduce these two little atavistic bird-creatures, hatched over the weekend! 🐣🐣

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Good luck to anyone wanting to catch a 2nd glimpse of these little pigeon nuggets! #protectivemomma #stepback

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A pigeon and her #tulips #nesting 🌷🌷🌷

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