Adele Accepts Fan's Invite To His Upcoming Wedding After She Pulls Him On Stage

The singer said, yes, she will be there. And she will perform.

Adele usually pulls someone interesting out of the crowd at her shows, and on this night one lucky couple made friends with the singer, who will now be a guest at their wedding.

Pausing her recent concert at The Staples Center in Los Angeles, the Hello singer invited a sweet couple onto the stage, because, she told the crowd, they were “dancing literally like there was no one else here.” “ I see you,” she said. 

The two lucky men revealed their wedding was taking place next year in Montana, then they extended an invite—and got a yes.

“I would love to come,” she said to them in front of the audience, in a clip uploaded by Vince Rossi, who is one half of the couple. “If I don't make the wedding for some reason or another, have a wonderful day, won't you? Congratulations and I hope you're together for the rest of your lives.”

When Vince’s fiancé asked “What's your rate?,” Adele said, “Don't worry, I'll do it for free. I'll do it for you for free.”

The singer is back on tour after canceling her recent Phoenix concert because she was sick. Posting an “I’m sorry” video, Adele told her fans, “Hello everyone, specifically everyone in Phoenix, Arizona. I can't do my show tonight, my second show here. I'm really, really sorry. I've had a cold for a couple of days and I've been pushing through it, and I did my show last night and I loved it - but I pushed too hard, and my cold has got the better of me. As you can hear, even if I did the show, it wouldn't be very good. I'm really, really, really, really sorry to let anyone down. I’ve enjoyed my tour so much and canceling shows has not been something that I want to do.”

Adele is touring across the U.S. before heading to Mexico where she will perform until November.

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