The Art of the Deal? Airplane Passengers Delayed for 24 Hours Demand Hamilton Tickets, Get Pizza Instead

Nice try, though.

Let's recap some of the PR disasters in domestic airline customer service lately: Leggings-GateBump-Gate, that time United may or may not have killed an adorable (and famous) pet bunny... the list goes on and on. But at least in my personal experience, airlines have tried to work doubly hard to recoup after these high-profile misfires — providing excellent, even over-the-top customer service in the hopes of winning back good favor.

So then perhaps you could hardly blame passengers delayed 24 hours on an American Airlines flight for aiming high in their customer service demands.

About 300 passengers faced two unscheduled diversions after flight crew on an American Airlines flight from Milan to Miami discovered a crack in the windshield, the plane made an emergency diversion to Canada, according to People. It was then taken out of service for repairs, and passengers waited 10 hours to board an alternate plane. But then, instead of continuing on to Miami, the plane went to New York, necessitated by crew time issues and customs availability.

Well, what could they get for their troubles? A commenter on who said he was among the passengers onboard the flight said that although the “flight crew was awesome and professional,” they wanted something in return. He, “suggested AA could make it up to passengers with Hamilton tickets."

Nice try, but no: "Unfortunately, they decided a slice of pizza was a better customer service gift.”

That's a page out of Lady Gaga's book. And everyone loves pizza, right?

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