An Architect Figured Out the Real Reason Airports Make Us Nuts

So that's why the experience can feel so soul sucking.

In the first presidential debate, Donald Trump stated plainly that he thinks American airports are horrible. And if you've ever found yourself walking endlessly, with growing frustration and fatigue, through an airport anywhere around the world, you probably didn't even need a celebrity to tell you how awful (if exciting) these sprawling buildings can be.

But have you ever thought about why your airport experience is so miserable? An architect has put in work doing just that kind of thinking — and he's sharing his illuminating findings, along with a possible solution.

As part of his architecture master's degree program at UCA Canterbury, Radu Gidei researched airports and determined that they are designed for profit making and not for maximum efficiency, as cited in Insider. It turns out that 62 percent of airport revenue is actually derived not from airlines, but from passengers paying for things other than their actual trip — such as parking, concessions, and food. And he knows that doesn't make for an efficient experience.

So he has an idea for a better way: He thinks airports should be simplified and re-imagined with the travelers' needs put first.

As an architect, he feels that should be done by designing a so-called "distributed airport" where various offerings are spread out in multiple buildings rather than under a single, crazy-making roof.

"They're just getting bigger and bigger," Gidei says, according to Insider. " The problem with having everything under one roof is that if anything within that system fails, everything falls apart and you get a huge backlog. I don't think it's a well-designed system."

He suggests instead, "Maybe you do security whilst on the train, and you drop your bags before you even get to the train station. Everything is done on your journey towards that airplane, not airport, so by the time you get to the airplane all you have to do is actually walk on board."

But that's just not likely to happen. Why? Well, plain old dollars and cents, of course.

"There's a clash of motives or interests in designing these airports. People running them want them efficient and easy to manage, travelers ideally probably want to bypass them altogether, the people that spend the money to build them want to get their investment back," he says.

Oh, right. That.

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